Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Things I find interesting

We were driving into town this morning and I was thinking about how things change. I realized that while ten years ago I was a HUGE fan of a certain romance writer, now I am ambivalent about those books on my bookshelf.
It is an interesting comparison. Just as authors change what they wish to write about or what genre they want to write, so too do readers wants change. I still read some of her new stuff but I am not breathlessly waiting for it. As I work more on my own writing I am finding some authors falling short of my expectations. I read through stories more critically. I really didn't thing I would get to that point in my reading. I remember my English professors talking about reading critically. The whole point in those classes was to analyze what we were reading. I did not enjoy those ventures. I wanted then and still do now to read for the escape that it can bring. This every day reality can get quite depressing, especially of late.
Reading for enjoyment is still what I wish. I am also working to escape into my own stories. It gives me something to focus on yet still feel like I am working. It is good to grow and change. Life would be boring if nothing ever changed.

What do you find interesting?
Take care!