Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Talking with Trees

When I married my farmer, I didn't think that he would one day be conversing with apple trees. About two months ago, that is what he was doing. He needed to shape our apple trees. Something we hadn't done since planting them. We have come a very LONG way from those first years. We have become more proactive about caring for our small plot of Green Acres.
When we first planted our trees we took care how we planted them but thought once planted our work was done. Twelve years later with no real edible fruit appearing we decided to change tactics. This winter we read a book, as a family, about some children who took over the care and maintenance of an orchard. The story did a good job of explaining the hard work that they had to do. It also explained ways to save on cost and sowed realistically the type of profit to be made.
After reading this story, my farmer checked out some books on orchards and discovered some new good information. We made the decision to follow some of the advice recommended. This is how my farmer ended up standing in our front orchard asking the trees to show him their shape.
As farmers, we learn more each year, month, and day. Tis the nature of the work. The plants, trees, and animals have much to teach. it is up to us to stand still and listen.