Thursday, May 26, 2016

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This is horseradish blooming along with comfrey.  We renovated this front garden a few years ago and now it is full of perennials that have taken over.  I just realized this year how pretty the horseradish blossoms are. And yes, you can definitely identify the plant by the smell.


This fuzzy picture is a jar of kumbucha.  My daughter finally learned how to make this on her own.  She is currently the only one drinking it.  I plan to soon once she gets her method down.  This is a  great drink for summer.  I like to do a second ferment with fruit and then it is almost like soda only not so sweet.  She is learning that she can do it her way and not the way is was done before by a person (her father or myself) who was distracted by other things and left it a little too long.


This is the family favorite.  She is getting up there in age, but still can make us laugh.  She is a miniature sheltie who thinks she is a MUCH bigger dog...until she gets around toddlers...then she hides.  

Lots of funny this week, I am glad to say that we laugh a lot in our house.  None of that usually gets recorded in pictures though.  Sometimes you just have to enjoy the moment.  

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Thursday, May 19, 2016

What we have been up to this Spring

We - really my dear husband - has been working on home improvements.  We decided that the children are old enough to paint their rooms with no fears of them messing it up.  We let them assist in picking out colors which they did an excellent job of by the way.  

Sorry that the colors don't show up very well.  The first two are one room which is a very nice blue; the second two is a blue/green that depends upon the light which color it looks more like; and the last two are of a very elegant pink room.

We are all very pleased with how it has turned out.  There is one more room left to do and then all the upstairs rooms will finally have color.  It has been put on hold due to summer approaching and the need to plant food.  Food is definitely more important than me having a finished craft room/office.  So we will do that at some point toward the end of summer or beginning of fall.

Some of the things we have discovered: how awesome our kirby vaccuum is.  My husband has been cleaning the carpets before he starts to paint and we have the correct attachments for this and it works great!  We have friends to thank for this as they gave us their kirby because it was just too heavy for them to use.  I have growing teenage boys so they can lug it around.  It is good to have such generous friends.  The boys also study while my dh cut in the rooms.  So, the older boy will be cutting in the ceiling and paint the ceiling of the craft room.  A good skill for them to learn.

That's it for now.  Hopefully the next post will have pictures of the garden! 

God Bless,

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

What ever happened to....?

So reading some of the things being published and said on the forcing by coercion of the President of the US on the public schools, I am wondering what ever happened to adage to love yourself just as God created you.  It seems that while confusion may exist there is also some form of self loathing underneath it all.

I just finished listening to a long video post by Ann Barnhardt on Diabolical Narcissism  The root of it is self-loathing.  It is so sad that we have become a society that so hates itself we are willing to impose that self-loathing on everyone.

Yes, I think it is wrong to open bathrooms to any and all without reference to a person's physical sex.  If you don't think that the door is also opened to abusive people you are kidding yourself.  No one wants to say that perverts are going to take advantage of it.  

Has the society really gotten that darkened in their intellect?  Apparently so.

Mary, Virgin Most Powerful, pray for us. 

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Boy it HAS been a long time

Hi Just a short note to say that I am coming back.

It has been an interesting two year hiatus.  Lots to discuss.  I am getting braver.  We will see if anyone can handle it.

I think I can take this up and make it worthwhile.  Thanks for all those who have been checking in and being disappointed.

See you soon.  REALLY. :)