Sunday, January 30, 2011

Christmas presents all done!

Larry's scarf is first and made with our wool.

Finished my last three Christmas presents this past week. Larry got to wear his to church! Yeah, me! I have two projects on needles for upcoming birthdays. I plan to start one that will probably take me awhile. Haven't really created it yet - still looking for patterns but now I know what I am looking for.
Mary Kate's slipper socks Mike's keyhole scarf

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Wonderful Christmas Present!

Wonderful Christmas Present My husband made me my Christmas present this year. I actually received it on Christmas this year. I absolutely LOVE it. It is called a Noddy. It is for making skeins. In 2007 we had our wool carded and spun. They left some oil on the yarn so I need to get off the spool and clean it then knit with it. I still have LOTS of yarn on the spools because this was such an onerous job. I showed my husband a picture of a noddy and asked if he thought he could make one. Silly question – he is a mechanical engineer. So he made me one and it works wonderfully! I can unwrap the yarn from the spool to the noddy in about 20 minutes – that’s how much yarn is on the spool. Then I tie the yarn in several places to keep it’s shape. Next I wash it, dry it and voila! I have yarn I can knit with that came from out own sheep! It is bulky yarn so I am working out how to make smaller skeins so that It doesn’t look so daunting. I have decided to do 50g skeins. Below are pictures of some of the process and my new wonderfully useful Noddy! (Frustrated with my inability to make the pictures show up the way I want) Enjoy anyway!