Thursday, December 23, 2010

It's Almost here

So- projects aren't finished but they will be wrapped with the promise that with any luck they will be done before next year. I have been knitting a lot but just couldn't finish all that I wanted. Next year I will do better.
The tree went up and the lights got on eventually. Then the kids decorated it. It is much easier to just leave the room and let them have it. After which I get to walk in and declare that it is truly a beautiful tree. Whether I really think so or not. I didn't have to do it so it's all good.
Mac was the first to put presents under the tree. He came to us this morning and asked if we could take him to the dollar store so he could buy everyone a present with the money he received for Christmas from his Godfather. It made me tear up. Someone told me when I related this story that I must be raising him right. One out of six - not bad?? LOL

I hope that you have a very Merry Christmas and that God blesses your New Year with wonderful abundance.

Take care!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Prepping for Decorating

Yesterday was spent preparing the living room for the tree. I rearranged funiture and then had to clean. Where did all that dust come from?? Sean informed me last night that I could put up the tree today(Sunday, December 12) and then wait to decorate until -with a shrug- Christmas Eve. He just wanted the tree up - then there is more hope that it will be decoarted eventually. LOL.

That was my plan to just get it up today. I am hoping I make it that far. If I am really good the lights will go on today - but don't expect too much. It is snowing to beat the band today so the mood is set. The only problem is that I am exhausted today. I stayed up late on Friday night to read a really good story without interruptions. Then I put in a full day yesterday with cleaning and splitting wood and no nap. Yes, I am amazing! LOL! Consequently, today I just want to sleep.

I am sure some little person will come along to push and nudge me so that they can at least have the tree up. I am pretty sure that I will accommodate them.

Wishing I had some spiked eggnog.

Blessings to all

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Knitting fingers

I have been working on creating my Christmas presents. Those living outside of my house are doing pretty well. I have made six hats and have two scarves in process. I have a pair of slipper socks on the needle but they are currently stuffed in a drawer. Not sure when they will be coming out. I have a request to make another sweater and a hat. Actually make that four hats cuz the little guys would like to keep their heads warm at night.
Because I am doing all this knitting - decorating is not getting done at our house. I also am somewhat lacking in the energy to put up all the stuff. Mostly because it is just stuff. I have put out the Advent wreath and the Countdown calendar. All else remains in the basement where it has been living for the past year. The other issue is that once up it takes even longer to put them away again. The kids are usually nagging loudly as Valentine's Day approaches.
I will put them up - the kids will have fun even if I won't. Sometimes I need to borrow that hope and worry free feeling that kids get to have.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!