Monday, August 30, 2010

What Have I been doing this Summer??? continued

This wonderful counter top is the creation of my mechanical engineer husband - a budding carpenter?? It looks great and I already used it and I LOVE IT! I don't have to worry about food falling off the board! It is a late Christmas present but all the more precious because he didn't forget.
The tomatoes are the work of the 16 year old daughter. She has been pickling herself silly and when not pickling she is preserving the tomato harvest. We will have food this winter. Hubby has worked all summer to make sure that it happens. Can't say enough wonderful things about him at the moment. Happy viewing!


What Have I been doing this Summer???

This was part of my summer. I am painting our kitchen annex which is slowly becoming the kitchen proper. The next post will show some of the work the children and my darlin have done this summer. All the stuff hubby has done won't fit anywhere on the web! He has been just too busy!