Sunday, October 11, 2009


The children and I have been reading about a saint every day. One day we read about a saint who asked for God's help first instead of as a last ditch effort. I have been practicing that. I had to go into the cafe for a couple of hours on Saturday. I was tired because I was up late waiting for my oldest daughter to get down with a football game which she is a band member so needed to be there. It was a late night and I still had to be up the next morning by 5:30am to milk the cow. Short night plus a lot of running around in the morning. I got home from errands in time to scarf down some food and get cleaned up for work. On my way in I asked that we either be really busy so the time went quickly or that I was able to just to restock the kitchen for Monday. I was busy and got things restocked. I made in two hours what I usually make in tips on a good five hour day.
I was very happy and thankful. Plus I was invigorated so that when I got home I had energy to get dinner on early so the oldest could eat before going to the homecoming dance.

On a totally different topic - when did homecomings become so elaborate? When I was in high school the homecoming dance was right after the game. The only people dressed up were the court of homecoming queen candidates. Now it is another prom. I just don't understand that. Maybe because they don't have as many dances like they did either.

So, experiment ask before and see what happens. You have to remember to look. It isn't always answered how you would like, but answers do come.

Walk with God,