Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Letter

Dear Mom,
Another year has passed. The children are getting bigger. This year the little guys made gifts. Mary Kate made a present for everyone. Mac created a family gift. Sean also created a family gift. Mary Kate knit gifts for Larry, Shannon and I then made blankets for the boys. Sean wrote a comic book for the family and Mac picked out toys that he felt suited each of us.
Shannon made a few gifts and bought others. We decided that our theme was Warmth. LOL We all got things to keep us warm through the winter. Something we could each cuddle in or use while outside working the farm.
I miss talking to you. I miss the random calls you would make just see how things were going. I miss your laugh. I hope you and dad are having a good time. Silly I know but I wonder. Are you playing euchre? Is Dad still so competitive he forgets to have fun? I think he may have overcome that one.
I have much to do for this year. Not sure what will and won't be accomplished. The past year seemed to fly by. Is that just a getting older thing? The time just seems to fly by. I know the kids feel that it is crawling by - but they are kids. :)
If you get the chance send Andy some help. I pray for him daily but I am not sure that the prayers are asking for the right thing. Not sure how to change that. I keep trying to change how or what I am asking. So keep an eye on him, k?
I wish I could give you another hug.
Love you!