Sunday, May 2, 2010

Busy spring!

Sorry it's been a few weeks. We sheared sheep last week. Whew! Glad to have that job over with. Thankfully we went with a new shearer and I am now booked for the next two years so I am not scrambling in January. Yeah!
The sheep are all adjusting to their new looks. It is always fun to watch them after they have been sheared. They don't recognize each other and spend a few days re-establishing the order.
Spring is also the start of our CSA. We are launching "Our Little Farm CSA". It is a little late start but we aren't planning on taking on more than 20 shares this year. We are hoping to get that many. We created a single and couple share price ( $180/$300). We had heard from people that most CSA give out too much food so we wanted to give people an option for a smaller amount. Larry met with another young gentleman who has been running a CSA for about two years. He received some good information and help. So we are busy putting all the pieces of that together. We will be working hard this year to get some money out of the farm.

Have a wonderful week!