Sunday, June 6, 2010


Delegation - something I don't think my mother taught me. She understandably did much of the work herself. She did delegate cleaning the house and weeding the garden, but not laundry or cooking. You could help her cook but not do the actual cooking unless she wasn't there - which happened one summer. That was not a fun summer - think crash course in hot to put a meal together. We had done lunches for quite some time but that was pretty much opening a can heating it up and setting it on the table. That summer we had to create the meal and make sure it was all cooked so that it ended up done at the same time. No easy feat when you have never done it.
With the creation of our CSA and the prospect of working two jobs for me, Larry and I decided that we needed to delegate some chores to the children. Chores have shifted - Mac is doing laundry, Mary kate and Shannon are cooking dinner. Sean is filling buckets for the fire. Shannon is doing pretty well with the dinner job. Last night was the first night she had to put something together on her own. She came down to me while I was weeding the beets and asked what she was making for dinner. I said, "I don't know." She responded with " You don't know?" "That's right. I don't know." She was on her own.
She did quite well I think. She made a pork roast, creamed noodles and canned green beans. We ate late but that is not unusual. Mac actually made it to dinner. When we eat late he doesn't always make it. It was a very good dinner. She rightfully looked proud of herself. Now if I could just get her to do the chores I assign instead of the ones she wants to do. LOL

Take care!