Sunday, September 27, 2009

This is what I have been doing lately.

I am working two jobs now. I am a secretary for a local church for two hours in the morning Mon. – Fri. Then I put on my cap and head off to the café. I have been doing a little baking at the café but I am missing being home to bake my own bread and spend more time with my dh and the children.
Our homeschool class begins at 7am. The children are having a good time with it. Larry gave them a math quiz last week. Mac discovered that he needs to do the problems in order to remember how to do things. They had great fun making a compost pile and identifying some birds that were migrating and stopped at our farm to have a snack and chat.
Yesterday afternoon was very chatty outside. I believe the birds were getting caught up on what they had done over the summer. It was a cheerful sound to hear.

I have found that knitting has a more relaxing effect than reading, hence the projects. I have about two or three going at a time. The easier ones I work on in the evening as I tend to mess up because I’m tired. I am learning how to follow patterns and I am doing better than expected. I am also creating some of my own things.

Enjoy the smell of wet leaves and the cooler temps!

God Bless,