Thursday, February 16, 2012

Another day at the hospital

So yesterday Dh and I went back to the emergency room. He was having some chest pains that wouldn't go away. Our lesson from last time was don't wait. So we didn't. We went in and they ran tests and because their protocol is a 24 hour watch with two more blood tests he spent the night.
Today is our youngest's birthday and Dh usually bakes the cakes. Not this time. He is not thrilled about this. Things are looking good so far. He just has to pass the stress test and he can come home.
Keep in your prayers please. He needs to remember that slow progress is okay.
I will check back some point I plan to post pics of all the stress-relief knitting I have been doing.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Updating - Some days getting out of bed Hazard

So we made it back to the surgeon last Monday and he removed the other drain tube. DH felt much more normal. That night the children were able to give him a hug good night. It was very touching to see for both dad and child. That week progressed fairly normally. We had another follow-up visit later in the week with the kidney doc. That didn't go as easily as we were hoping. We need to get more blood tests done.
Eating is getting better. DH is still finding out what he can eat and what doesn't work so well. I shared with friends that each milestone he makes where he is doing something that he always used to do, I become exhausted. It is an interesting phenomena.
Last Saturday I was trying to do a little too much too quickly and burned my foot. So now I am a little gimpy. It is frustrating but will get better.
I was kidnapped this week by two wonderful lady friends in a true "sister" maneuver. They planned with the family and took me out to a movie and dinner. It was wonderful. It took me a while to stop thinking about what was going on at home and just enjoy myself in the moment. I did manage. It felt very nice to have someone taking care of me. :)
I will begin and finish work on an article for Permaculture Activist. Not sure if they will publish it but I want to try. I have been looking at taking some permaculture classes but don't know how we can save up for that.
I hope you all have a warm and cozy weekend!