Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Better than I thought

My husband is working at home. I thought that would be really hard to deal with but I really enjoy it. Surprised? I think it's because we agree on a lot of things and we love to discuss things. He is getting used to listening to the radio and I am getting used to working way more than I do when he isn't home. It is good to have someone to eat lunch with - it makes it harder to forget to eat. We complement each other. He tends to work, work, work and I like to take breaks. He is coming around to my way of doing things and I am taking fewer breaks.

I know a lot of women who would be horrified to spend so much time with their spouses. Not me - I miss him when he can't spend the day with me. A rare find to have someone who is a joy to be with all day.

Hope your shopping is going well. Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

What to write?

I've been ruminating about what to write for my first post. I thought and thought and decided in the end to just write something.
My two boys are on the edge of believing in Santa Claus. We moved recently and I think I may have lost the lists that they "sent" to Santa that I of course intercepted. My younger son obligingly gave me another list which he addressed to Santa. My other son is a little smarter and I fear that even if I ask for a new list he will hold something back to see if Santa really exists. We have always explained for those who are ready to ask point blank that Santa is more of an idea. It is the joy that you get from giving to someone you love. Their joy becomes your own.
I believe this is really true and not just a line. I still remember how it felt to make something for everyone in my family for the first time. I was so excited that Christmas. As the youngest of ten children - no that is NOT a typo there are ten children in my family - it's hard to keep up with the older guys. My oldest brothers - Tom, Mike and Dan - bought everyone a gift every year for what seemed like many, many years. It meant a lot to me to return the favor.
So one year, I made everyone an ornament with popcycle sticks and yarn. I went around and asked for favorite colors. I told them that I was doing a project for school and needed to know. Once I knew the colors, Mom took me to the dime store and I picked out the different colored yarn. Then I proceeded to make yarn oranaments for everyone. It felt so great to hand out my presents to everyone. I felt very grown-up.
I want my children to share that experience so this year I have been looking for ideas of neat presents that they could make for each other. I know that it will mean more work for me, but I think we will all enjoy the results!
Enjoy each day this wonderful Christmas season.