Friday, November 11, 2011

Unwelcome Guests

We moved the corn into the shed about a week ago. Our corn cracker just ran out of energy so I just decided that it would be easier to put it in the shed which is more on my way to milk the cow and not locked. The shed is not the most secure place.
Thankfully 5 am is too early for most pesky visitors to the shed. Afternoon is not however. :( The mouse and I have met in one way or another almost daily. We tend to scare the beejezus out of each other every time. The first time I made the mistake of not closing the corn bag well enough so that when I reached to scoop out some corn the scared mouse ran up my arm and made a flying leap to the corner of the shed. I think we both screamed. The next day I headed out for the afternoon milking assured that I had secured the bag better. I stepped into the shed reached into the bag and was pulling out a scoop when the mouse decided to run from one corner of the shed to the other across my foot. Again, I am amazed at the automatic responses of the human body. My foot with no conscious direction from me flung itself forward as soon as the mouse reached it helping the mouse to it's destination a little faster.
Our third encounter was another mouse stuck in bag only this time it ended up in the scoop and then in the bucket. No corn just mouse running around in the bucket trying to find a way out. The way out was through the door by way of tossing him OUT of the bucket. Thankfully my husband took pity on me after laughing so hard tears came to his eyes - and left the shed door open the next day with the cat posted outside the door. Haven't seen the mouse since!