Tuesday, May 17, 2016

What ever happened to....?

So reading some of the things being published and said on the forcing by coercion of the President of the US on the public schools, I am wondering what ever happened to adage to love yourself just as God created you.  It seems that while confusion may exist there is also some form of self loathing underneath it all.

I just finished listening to a long video post by Ann Barnhardt on Diabolical Narcissism  The root of it is self-loathing.  It is so sad that we have become a society that so hates itself we are willing to impose that self-loathing on everyone.

Yes, I think it is wrong to open bathrooms to any and all without reference to a person's physical sex.  If you don't think that the door is also opened to abusive people you are kidding yourself.  No one wants to say that perverts are going to take advantage of it.  

Has the society really gotten that darkened in their intellect?  Apparently so.

Mary, Virgin Most Powerful, pray for us. 

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