Thursday, May 26, 2016

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This is horseradish blooming along with comfrey.  We renovated this front garden a few years ago and now it is full of perennials that have taken over.  I just realized this year how pretty the horseradish blossoms are. And yes, you can definitely identify the plant by the smell.


This fuzzy picture is a jar of kumbucha.  My daughter finally learned how to make this on her own.  She is currently the only one drinking it.  I plan to soon once she gets her method down.  This is a  great drink for summer.  I like to do a second ferment with fruit and then it is almost like soda only not so sweet.  She is learning that she can do it her way and not the way is was done before by a person (her father or myself) who was distracted by other things and left it a little too long.


This is the family favorite.  She is getting up there in age, but still can make us laugh.  She is a miniature sheltie who thinks she is a MUCH bigger dog...until she gets around toddlers...then she hides.  

Lots of funny this week, I am glad to say that we laugh a lot in our house.  None of that usually gets recorded in pictures though.  Sometimes you just have to enjoy the moment.  

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