Saturday, February 21, 2009

Knowledge Can be a Hard Thing to Keep Quiet

We read through the news about twice a week. We go online and download articles, read them and share them with each other. We are taking our own stance at surviving the coming Greater Depression. We are working at getting as much of our own food as possible. We have a system to get heat and cook without electricity. We also have a way to store water both for our land and for our won consumption should the need arise.
Because we are so immersed in this I forget that not everyone “gets” what is going on. This makes me think of my sons. Both of them kind of understand. I made the mistake of sharing some of the stuff we had been reading about with one of them. The silence was very telling and made me remember to whom I was speaking. I tried to change the subject and make light but I don’t think it worked. I apologize for sharing.
That is the effect of gathering the information. I want to share it with those who matter most to me but it’s hard to do without sounding like a complete nut. Many days go by and I hope that my husband and I are vindicated in our beliefs. I pray it doesn’t come at the expense of anyone in my family. I hope that they see it coming before it hits them square in the face. T’would be my prayer for everyone.

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