Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ramblings - Life, children, playing and working

Having lost one part-time job, I now have time to really work with the children and our homeschool program -much to the children's regret. LOL I actually organized a week of lessons and we are following it - mostly. It has been an education for all of us. I am VERY glad we are doing this. Mac believes that he is ruined for public school. He feels that he would be spending all his time in the principals office. I have to agree. We are creating some free thinking seditionists. It is very fun! Shannon comes home and is not always sure what to say. LOL

Now that I am home more, I also have time to help out on the farm. I have very sore hands from splitting wood. Milking the cow is something that my hands have become used to but the splitting adds another dimension. I am sure that eventually I will adjust. In the meantime no knitting with really small needles.

We have been sharing our memories on cartoons and old shows with the children. I plan to share the School House Rock DVDs with them soon. Shannon too - since they don't teach any of that stuff in school anymore. They have watched some Bugs Bunny stuff which they can quote from. They can go through a whole set. It is amazing and a little scary.

I have been knitting some socks - Shannon has yet to bring me back the finished pair so I can take pictures. Really I did make some socks. I started another pair for me this time. The blanket that it becoming a really long project is nearing the end. I will take pics when it is done.

I hope that you get a chance to enjoy the nice weather we are having. Take care!


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