Friday, October 14, 2011

Farm Stories

Last week, I went into work two hours late. We had a situation at home. We, not on purpose mind you, gave the local large animal vet a first. The first time he has had to remove a bungy cord from a calf's nose. Yes, you read that correctly.
What strikes me in this encounter as with the one other time that we had to call the vet, is that the vet usually offers you the option to do it yourself. Granted we are do-it-yourself kind of people. We have learned however that it is never as easy as they make it sound. "Well, really all you need to do is poke the calf in the butt with a syringe full of something that will put it to sleep or at least make it groggy." RIGHT! So my husband called with the option to do ourselves, we could just go pick up the stuff from the vet office and do it ourselves. Yeah, hmm. NO! I didn't want to deprive the vet of a first, truly.
It took the vet three syringes full of the groggy med to get the calf to lay down and it still jumped up as soon as he grabbed the bungy cord. So we received a vet bill but we weren't chasing the calf around either...we had already done that in the morning with no success and she knew us!
So, warning to all those with animals - leave no bungy cords ANYWHERE! LOL
I am aware this could have been way more serious than it was and we are ALL extremely thankful that it was just something silly.
Enjoy the fall weather - even the rain - gives me more time to knit.


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Cary at Serenity Farms said...

LOL...glad everything turned out okay, for people and animals ;D

Your pokeberry dyed yarn is beautiful! Thank you for all of your comments on my blog - we should try to get together for some fiber time ;) Oh, and look for more regular sheep articles soon!