Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Happy New Year?

My New Year's day was spent in the hospital. My dh had a septic nasty looking gall bladder that needed to come out. I was told several times that he could have died if we had waited one more day. As it was his kidneys were shutting down by the time he went into surgery and then his system suffered another shock when his oxygen saturation level dropped to zero after they put him under.
He also had a pool of blood in his liver. So first they took care of the gall bladder. Then a series of tests were run because he wasn't recooperating well. This finally led to another drain being put in for the pool of blood in the liver. After 12 days he finally came home with drain tubes still attached.

Now we have to learn to adjust to this new life. For it is definitely different than it was before and things need to change. The hard part is that most of it is falling on me at the moment while he recovers. Things I used to be able to share I can't at the moment either because he is not awake or because they are stressers that he shouldn't deal with right now.
My oldest daughter has been wonderful but if we are to survive it needs to be a team effort. It can't fall on me or her or just one person. We all need to pitch in. My 12 yr old son is doing a wonderful job of stepping up and taking some ownership of certain things. My 10 yr old isn't there yet and I am not sure how to get him there. My second daughter is trying.

Right now it is just very hard. I keep praying and asking for guidance and peace and courage. There are moments when I feel none of those things and it feels like I will never have them. We must trudge along as best we can even if it feels like we are moving fast but going no where through thick quick sand. Hoping to be posting better news soon.

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Cary at Serenity Farms said...

Oh Kate, I'm so sorry to hear your latest news! You know, you have come to my mind several times recently and I'll bet it was the Lord, prompting me to pray for you.

I would love to have you call me some time - do you have my number? It is 989-463-5630, leave a message if you get the machine and I will call you back I promise.

When my Bill lost his leg and we were adjusting to all the changes in our farm life, sometimes it was only when other wives who had faced something similar reached out to me that I thought I could hold it together. Please call (or email), it would be great to visit. In the meantime, please know that I will be praying for you and your family! Keep us posted.