Tuesday, August 19, 2014

"Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God" ~ a Book Review

Our family spent the month of June and part of July reading The Story of the TrappFamily Singers.  For those of you who loved the movie, The Sound of Music, this is that story even better! It is the complete story.  It is a very faith filled read. For those of you, who like my husband rather detested The Sound of Music, trust me, you will enjoy this story very much.

The truth, this speaks of many things that were happening between WWI and WWII and are seen through the life of an European family. They experienced the depression first hand and adjusted.  They had to leave their home and countrymen with only the clothes on their backs so as not to cause suspicion.  They left because it came to a choice of truly practicing their faith or turning their back on God and following what MAN was instructing them to do.

So the father of the family, Georg, when facing this decision with his family said, "We have now the precious opportunity to find out for ourselves whether the words we heard and read so often can be taken literally: 'Seek ye first the kingdom of God and HIs justice: and all these things will be added unto you.' " (pg. 126)

And so all throughout the story that is told by the mother, Maria, we see how God is with them at every step. It is not an easy path.  Some times seem very dark and uncertain, but they continue to show us how to trust ~ truly trust that God will shelter, cloth and feed them.

What a wonderful example that is SO needed in our lives today.  It was an eye-opening experience for my family to read through this story together. We had great discussions about forgotten customs and rituals of our faith.  We were able to talk a little about WWII in both America and in Europe. 

I would like to highly recommend that you put this on your reading list.  Whether it can be a family read or just something for you to read, it is a wonderful, honest story. One that I believe will compel you to think about your relationship with God. Something we should think about every day.

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This does sound like a great book, Kate! I'm going to pick it up.

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