Thursday, March 20, 2014

So Happy I Married an Engineer!

I will do my best to post some good pictures.  My daughter, MK, is spinning wonderfully on my louet.  She is having a lot of fun.  I read a recent post on knitty about finishing the spun yarn.  So she has tried a technique to get the yarn stretched out and a little firmer.

Our fist attempt went okay but then we thought about and realized that we needed to dry it with more tension to pull out the kinks.  So we went to the Man ~ he said that we needed more tension.  We said RIGHT!  How?  So he said it is really simply just hang a bucket of water from it and you can adjust the amount of tension with the amount of water in the bucket.

My darling daughter understood better than I.  And then the Man walked over and just did it. lol  

Not only did it really stretch all the kinks out; it also helped to pull out the water and thus the skein dried quicker.  I do not have pictures of the dried skein but I do have some of the  tension.  Sorry they are a little blurrier than I thought.  So No it is not  your computer or your eyes.

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