Friday, May 2, 2014

Answer Me This ~

I decided to participate in this weekly blog starter....these are my answers to this week's questions.  Enjoy!
1. Are you becoming your mother?
Okay, so my first response is "No".  My mom was pretty amazing and much better organized than I will ever hope to be.  It just boggles my mind to think about all the parties we had and the planning and cooking she did, while raising 10 children.  We had a birthday party for each of us every year.  The party included a cup of m&m's mixed with mints at each place at the table.  The birthday child got to pick out the menu and the cake.  She had a book of animal/possibly some other figures cakes that you could pick from.  I usually just went with a plain double layer round cake because I didn't like all the coconut that was usually involved in the other cakes.  I don't have time to go into what was planned for Christmas.  I try every year to do something similar and so far have not succeeded.  SO no in that sense I am not becoming my mother.  I am however saying things that she said that I vowed never to say: "Because I said so." "This is my house and it gets done my way.  When you grow up and have your own house you can do it anyway you would like." 
I have said these things and then realized why she said them. :)
2. Coffee or tea?
Coffee in the morning and tea in the afternoon or evening.  I cannot start a morning off without a good cup of coffee.  But that is usually the only time I drink coffee.  If I need a little pick me up later in the day I usually drink caffeinated tea.  In the evening I drink decaffeinated tea.
3. What foreign country would you like to visit?
The short answer ~ Ireland.  Actually what my husband and I have discussed is taking a tour of Europe visiting all the holy shrines we would like to that would include more than just Ireland.
4. Do you cry easily?
Yes, I do.  I can cry during a movie or while reading a book.  I was accused once of crying to get sympathy.  I don't think that I have ever been able to "make" myself cry.  I am just one of those people who when I get upset...i.e. angry, or saddened, or extremely contrite I cry.
5. How often do you wear heels?
Rarely.  When I do wear heels they are usually only 1/2" high. I have never been all that comfortable in high heels and that has been a hallmark of my dressing style ~ is this comfortable?
6. Do you play an instrument?
Not regularly.  I know how to play the piano somewhat and I played the clarinet in the school band for a few years.  I love music though and my children are taking piano lessons and are wonderful to listen husband seems to think that they get all of that talent from me. :)
So those are my answers.  I had fun joining in.  I hope anyone who reads this will keep checking others who have joined in.

God Bless,


Cary at Serenity Farms said...

My answers would have been much the same as yours, Kate ;)

Its a soggy, weary day here today how about with you guys? I comfort myself by knowing that we need the rain...have a great weekend!

Kate said...

It has been not too bad in the last week. We have had rain but mixed with nice sunshine. We haven't planted much. Larry just put some onion sets in the ground yesterday. It was such a long cold winter that everything is delayed. Hope you get some sunny days soon!