Friday, May 23, 2014

Just Pondering

I recently had a discussion with my spiritual adviser about my writing.  His advice ~ just do it and see if it bears fruit.  ON the way home today , I realized that I also really enjoy teaching. I don't always like the response of the students or all the paperwork, but the actual working to engage students in the discussion that I really enjoy. Unfortunately, it would seem that neither one of these are something I am really capable of doing to earn a living. I haven't truly tired writing, especially Catholic writing. I have thought several times about writing about our experience over the past two years. Larry's illness, our shift in focus, our spiritual growth both as a family and as individuals. So the invective to just do it ~ I am not sure what writing that should be. Should it be fiction, sort stories, essays? Dose it matter if the invective is to just do it? I guess not .So my first endeavor will be to go find a play I wrote a VERY long time ago and see what it reads like now.
Wish me luck and grace!

God Bless,


Cary at Serenity Farms said...

Kate, you might enjoy this blog I've been following - I was reminded of her recent post when I read what you wrote here (I hope the link works):

Kate said...

Thanks Cary. I will look it up.