Thursday, June 30, 2016

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real


I have a daughter who loves to arrange flowers.  She is working on learning more about how to do this.  She maintains flowers on our Marian altar as well.  This is a mix of shasta daisys that grow wild here and tickseed which we planted from a purchased plant last year and seems to really love it here.

This is the tickseed in the raised garden bed we put in this year.  We are working on coming up with a different name for it as no one in the family really likes the word tick and what it congers up for us...nasty parasitic insect....but the flowers are pretty.


Homemade Strawerry jam!  We have not been able to do this in years!  It turned out great and I wish we could make more but it is not in the budget this year.  We will have to be stingy and make sure we are eating other jams too.  MK and I worked on this together last Saturday.  We make a pretty good team. We canned 9 pints and had one left over to eat right away.  It is almost gone!


No funnies that I could find this week to capture on "film".  We do enjoy much laughter in the evenings though.  With no television to entrance, we usually have time after praying the rosary to joke around, play cards or board games. It is really great to listen to your children develop a sense of humor.  Some of the jokes are real groaners...but some surprise and are spot on.  


So I walked around the farm this week and snapped pictures on works in progress.  We are clearing out brush and things that did not produce what we had hoped.  This has been a LONG time coming.  DH has finally enough energy and good sized help to tackle this job and he is going at it with a vengence. So while you are not going to see before pictures, I wanted to post some after so as things progress I can see the changes.  Plus some pictures of our garden.
cleared fence and usable gate!

a view opened back up

from across the yard clear sailing!

Stubborn green ash tree ~ gone!

Teaching boys how to repair a hydrant...more easily watering the garden now

it is very dry here this year

garlic looking good!


new hydrant in action watering garden

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Jenny said...

I was just thinking what an unfortunate name for such a pretty flower. Your daughter arranges the flowers quite well, and your cleaning up outside looks great!

Jennifer said...

Nice pictures. Yard work is huge work, but the reward is great as well. Good luck with the projects.

Kate said...

Thanks for the comments. Yes, my daughter has quite the knack and she is determined to have flowers in the house.